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Fucking Mr.Rocha

My Description:
Hey, I'm Kat. I'm a 5'8, toned, 17 year old "mixed race"(puerto rican and black) female. I have long wavy lite brown hair and light brown eyes. My boobs are 36D's and a round bottom :)
"Ugh its the first day of school," I groan on the phone. "Yea well just think of it as one day closer to graduation!" Darcy exclaims on the other end. I merely roll my eyes and search for a cute outfit to wear.
"You're lucky you have late arrival! I rather have that then early dismissal. But it was the only way I could get into Mrs.Harper's art class" she says with a sigh. "Either way I wouldn't care. Both means a whole hour and some cut off of being in that hellhole!"
"Yea, I see you're point...But Stacy is bitching about the phone so I'll catch ya at school!"
I hang up and slip on my pink satin top with my white mini-skirt. With a sigh I head down stairs, purse in hand, grab my car keys and head to school.
As I pull into my assigned parking spot, I look for Darcy and Sarah. I see them standing at the front doors laughing at something. I stroll over and ask what the hell was so funny. "Hey to you to Kat!" Sarah says over her laughter. "hey" "Yea we were just...commenting on Wendy's outfit today"
"Ya'll are so mean," I laugh," I'm glad we're sticking to our tradition" (All 3 of us wear the same outfit but with different colors on the first day of school. Sarah wears blue, me pink, and Darcy is red.) "Yea," Darcy beams.
We all walk into the auditorium together for the yearly boring speech given by our "wonderful" principal, Mrs.Flanders. She drones on for about an hour and then decides we understand the stupid school rules. Happy it is all over, I go upstairs to my 1st class. I read the name on my schedule and realize its a newbie (new teacher). "Hmm...Mr.Rocha?" I think to myself as I come up to the classroom door.
"Hello there!" I hear a cool, deep voice announce. I look up to find the most handsome, sexiest, young teacher I've ever seen. I gap momentarily and realize I haven't answered. "I-uh....Hello....Good Morning!" I say and walk in the class. As I prepare myself in the second row seat, I keep looking up at him to make sure he's real.
"Omg Kat! Have you seen that nice piece of ass we have for a teach!?!?" squeals the whore of our class, Jenny. "Uh, oh I didn't notice, " I lie. "OMFG How could you miss him! He's a GOD!" She says and winks at him.
Jenny is the stereotypical dumb blonde (she overly uses text lingo, her grades are shot to hell, she constantly talks about sex and boys, and she will sleep with anything that walks on two legs...maybe even four legs...) So I'm not really surprised when she nearly screams her comments about our new teacher.
"Ok settle down class! My name is Dan Rocha. You can call me Mr. Rocha. Today will kinda be a free day. I am just going to discuss what my rules are and the materials you are going to need for this class," He says loudly.
As he continues his requirements, I begin to daydream about him. I soon get lost in his eyes. Oh those eyes! I can feel that familiar wetness dripping on my pink lace panties. "Excuse me, Miss.." He says looking at me. "Uh. Kat, Kat Summers." I stammer. He chuckles "Ok Miss Kat Summers. Would you please stand and tell us a little about yourself" He says watching me with that sexy smile of his. I stand slowly and proceed to give a condensed version of myself. "Well, as most of you know I'm Kat. I've lived here in Florida almost all my life. I'm 17, uh I like to sing and dance. I can also play the guitar and piano. Oh and of course I love to go shopping!" I beam. "Nice, to meet you!" He chuckles and proceeds to go around the room.
After about a week, everyone is used to their schedules and don't even have to use their papers to know where to go. But a week in Mr.Rocha's class seems to have been a day. He is just so charming and sexy! Everyday I walk in class there is this air about him.
I walk into class about 15 minutes early and sit down in my usual seat up front. Mr.Rocha walks in soon after. "Well hey there Kat. Up early today huh?" "Mhm." I say giving him the once over. Since it's Friday, he is dressed casual in his polo and jeans that hug his ass just right. Just looking at him makes me wet. He notices me looking and smiles. I try to focus on something else and start to rummage through my purse. When I look back up I catch him staring at my cleavage. He reverts his eyes ashamed. I decide to tease him and walk up to his desk. "When is that paper due again?" I ask innocently. "Thursday of next week" He replies not looking up. "OK, do you mind reading what I have so far?" "Sure" He answers looking up and taking the paper. "Sit, please." He gestures to the seat in front of his desk. I slowly sit down and cross my long, bare legs. He glances at them and then begins to read out loud to himself.
When he is done he hands the paper back to me. "Wow, for someone as young as yourself, you have an amazing use of vocabulary. Although, the grammar in paragraph two needs to be revised. Besides that I don't see any reason why that's not the start of an A+ paper" He says leaning back in his chair. I smile widely, " Thanks!" "Have you given any thought to tutoring?" "Not really." "Well there is a program you have to complete in order to become a school tutor, which you receive a HS credit for. You would go through training with me after school for a couple of weeks then you will be placed on the tutor list and be assigned a student." He explains.
"Seems worth it. Anything that will look good on my college application is fine by me," I laugh. "So is that a yes? Because we could use a good tutor like you." I thought for a while, maybe this program will be fun. Being in a room with this man after school did sound very appealing. "Sure, sounds good." I say getting up to go to my seat. I trip over the lifting rug, and fall to the floor. Mr.Rocha runs around his desk "Oh! Are you okay?" He says helping me up. "I think so, " I laugh. Our eyes meet, and the space between us becomes smaller. Suddenly the bell rings and Jenny waltz in. We widen the space and I grab my stuff from the floor. Jenny eyes me suspiciously and sits next to me. "What the hell was that about," she asks bluntly as our fellow classmates rush in. "What are you talking about, " I ask innocently. She doesn't answer, she just looks at me and then at the flustered teacher.
As soon as I get in the house, I grab the phone and head up stairs. "Hola hija!" My mom says after me. "Hola mama!" I say back and nearly run into my room. I immediately three way Sarah and Darcy.
"Oh my fucking gosh! You almost kissed him?" Darcy squealed. "Mhm. Then Jenny walked in. Ugh! Hopefully this doesn't make new gossip for tomorrow," I say burying my face in my pillow. "It won't. No one listens to Jenny anymore. She's screwed over so many guys she's officially off the popular list and is the new school slut," Sarah laughs. "Yea hopefully. But then again I know so many of her secrets she wouldn't dare say anything." We talk for about an hour and then I finish up some homework.
I lay in my bed, in nothing but my lace underwear, all I can think of is what would have happened if Jenny didn't interfere. I picture us kissing and him picking me up and putting me on the desk. I slowly feel my way from my navel to the top of my thong. As I continue to dream, I push past my undies and massage my hot,wet clit. I tease it slowly in circles making myself arch my back slightly. As my daydream gets more intense, I increase the pace, and rub my wanting clit faster and faster. I insert a finger in my soaking wet pussy, I moan loudly and push deeper. "Mmm! Oh Dan!" I hear myself say in a whisper. I slide my finger in and out faster and faster, then put two fingers in. At that moment I start to cum twisting my hard nipples and I bite my bottom lip, trying not to moan too loud.As I come back down from my extreme orgasm, I realize that, that is the first time I came so hard and so quickly. I lay there, staring at the ceiling wondering what Mr.Rocha is doing right now...

Dan finally pulls up in his driveway and sighs. Although he knows nothing happened between him and Kat, he still can't seem to wash away those dirty thoughts that lurk inside his head. He grabs his suitcase and goes straight into his home office to grade papers.
After 45 minutes of grading, he decides to take a quick break and goes to the kitchen. He fixes a sandwich and logs on his myspace (which he only goes on because his students insist on it). He almost chokes when he sees who's online....Kat. He stares at her picture for a minute and decides to say hi and remind her of the tutor thing.
DR.: Hello Kat! Have you thought about the tutoring thing?
KittyKat: Hey....Doc lol. and I'm still thinkin abt it.
DR.: Well take your time! No hurry.
KittyKat: Okay.
KittyKat: and i luv ur screen name btw lmao XD
DR.: haha. Yeah, I thought of it all by myself!
KittyKat: I'm sure u did lol
DR.: What about YOUR screen name Ms.Kitty ;)
KittyKat: my screen name is very clever tyvm! lol and thts also my nickname XD
DR.:Oh well excuse me haha... But I will see you later at school, Ms.KittyKat.
KittyKat: alrite doc! nite

Dan reluctantly logged off of his computer and jumped in the shower. As the water ran on his smooth skin he closed his eyes and envisioned Kat standing next to him naked from head to toe. Her shapely curves, her generous chest, her nice ass, all for him to see. He quickly shook the image from his mind and continued to shower himself. "Pull it together Dan! Shes your student!" he told himself as he dried off and went to bed.
I couldn't believe I was just cyber flirting with my hott English teacher! I must have stared at the conversation over a hundred times before I went to sleep last night. "Kat! Hellooooo! Anyone home?" Darcy nearly yelled into her best friend's ear. "Huh?...Oh what where we talking about?" I ask snapping out of her daydream. "Doesn't matter now...what were you thinking about so hard?" I lowered my head and smiled. "Oh boy not Mr.Rocha again!" Sarah said. "I can't help it you guys! He's just!"
"Who's sexy," Jenny says stopping at their locker. "None of your business! Don't you have some jock's cock to suck or something?" Darcy retorted. Jenny stuck up her middle finger and stormed off. They all laughed as the bell for first period rang through the halls.
When I walked in Jenny's eyes were glued to me. Mr. Rocha hadn't showed up yet so I had a little time to calm down a bit. As I sat in my seat I could tell Jenny was still boaring her eyes into my skull. But thankfully I got through the class period without completely oogling over Mr. Rocha. I mean sure I've caught him glancing my ay a couple times...but it was nothing....rite? Agh I don't know. This whole thing is exciting and interesting.
After school I can literally feel the blood being pumped from my fast beating heart because I know that my tutor training starts today. As I walk in Mr. Rocha is sitting at his desk buried in his work. I clear my throat and he immediately looks up, "Hello Miss KittyKat." "Oh no you remember my screen name," I laugh. "Yes, I'm forced to torment you about it as long as your my student," he chuckled lightly. I sat down in the chair in front of his desk and he sat down right after me. "So what's my first assignment or whatever it is you do in tutor training." I ask crossing my legs, giving him a nice view of my bare thighs under my pink mini skirt.
He clears his throat and trys to keep his eyes from my exposed flesh, " W-Well you don't have any assignments. We just have some things to go over such as strategies and some teacher techniques." "Oh ok. I'm very excited it about this. This will give me some experience with others since I'm majoring in Psychology." I say moving my legs a bit. "Oh really? You're majoring in Psychology? I'm not surprised. I already knew you were going to major in something that is challenging." "Thanks," I say looking him in the eye. For a moment we are stuck in a deep connection until the my phone breaks the spell between us. "Oh excuse me for a minute." I say and exit the room to answer my phone.
"Hello," I answer somewhat annoyed. No answer. I look at the number and I don't recognize it. I hang up the phone and go back in Mr. Rocha's class. "Your boyfriend calling to check on you?" He suggests raising an eyebrow. I laugh, " No, I'm currently not spoken for." He smiles slightly and quickly catches himself. "So since you know my boyfriend status, do you have a girlfriend?" "You know Kat, I don't think we should be disgusting this."he laughed. "Oh no it was cool when you were asking me 20 questions!" "Ha! Yeah I inquired about who interrupted your training! That's not even a real relationship question," He laughed as he got up to go to the board. "Yeah whatever teach! But I still want to know the question," I say getting up behind him and crossing my arms. He turns around nearly knocking me over. "Oh I'm.." I kiss him, I just take the chance. I am surprised when he starts kissing me back and we immediately go at it, feeling each other, riping clothing off trying to feel our skin touch. I moan loudly as his hands come in contact with my sensitive nipples under my shirt. "Oh my gosh!" he whispers as I release his raging hard on and start to caress it in my hand. "Oh fuck me! Right now, right hear! Mr. Rocha, Dan...Fuck me!" I whisper in his ear, increasing the pressure of my strokes on his cock. He immediately picks me up and places me on one of the student desks. I remove my shirt as he nearly rips off my skirt. When I am completely undressed I unbuckle his pants and yank them down in one swift move. His cock springs up and I take the opportunity and place it in my mouth. "Oh shit," Dan groans as I take all of him down my throat. I bob my head up and down on his massive member until he says "Oh fuck! Get on the desk," He exclaims and then devours my soaking, puffy pussy. "OH!" I say biting my lip and arching my back. He flicks his tongue up and down my engorged clit and then inserts two fingers deep in my pussy. "OH YES!" I say throwing my head back, nearly cumming on the spot. "Oh fuck me now! Please!" "Beg for it." He demands still eating me out. "Please PLEASE fuck me! Fuck me with that big thick cock! Fuck the hell out of my pussy!" "What was that?" He said sucking in my clit and flicking it faster and faster. "Oh FUCK! FUCK ME!" I moan as I climax. He then immediately gets up, puts a condom on, and pushes all the way in my soaking wet pussy, slamming in and out as fast as he can. At this point I'm squirming and bringing my hips up, meeting his thrusts.He leans forward and takes in my nipple in his hot wet mouth while keeping his vigorous attack to my cunt. "Oh you feel so good!" He grunts and picks me up. He carries me to his desk chair and sits down. I quickly start to bounce up and down, squeezing my tits. "Oh fuck" I pant wildly, closing my eyes. Dan takes hold of my waist and starts making deep thrust, "Shit! You like this!Don't you? You like being my little whore?" "YES! Oh fuck! I'm your little whore! oh fuck! right there!" I almost scream as his dick rubs against my gspot. "Oh shit I'm cumming!" We both groan wildly as we both cum together and collapse in each others arms....

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