Thursday, July 16, 2009

I noticed you looking...

I’ve noticed you looking at me. At first you were subtle, turning your head as I walked by your desk, stealing a peak while I worked at a desk across from yours. In the past month I’ve caught you staring quite a few times, almost daily now. I will say I am partial to the attention. I started to dress up a little more on days I knew I’d be working close to your desk.

Remember last week? I put a lot of thought into that outfit. I picked up on a few things you like. Anytime I wore a skirt or heels you’re eyes would be glued to my legs. I walked past your desk and just as I did you got out of your chair to “stretch” and get a better look by following me down the hall.

I left my hair down for the occasion. My long soft curls draped over my shoulders onto my back and swayed gently as I walked down the hall. I could feel your eyes on me. The white blouse I wore clung tightly to my narrowing waist and came down to the curve of my hips. I wore my favorite black pencil skirt. Don’t you love the way it hugs every curve. It grew tight with every stride, the fabric cupping my ass firmly as I walked. It ended just below my knee with a nice sized slit running up the backside. Your eyes moved down to my legs wrapped in black silk thigh high stockings. You can see the lace top of my stockings through the slit up my skirt. Your eyes move slowly down my silky legs to my shoes. A pair of magnificent black paten leather platforms with 6 inch wooden heels. I heard you sigh when you saw them. I wish I could have turned around to catch you drooling over me before I walked into my office and closed the door.

And later that day I found an excuse to go chat with Ann. I leaned in to read her computer screen. I bent at the waist keeping my legs straight with one crossed in front of the other. My ass poked out and lifted my skirt exposing the tops of my laced stockings clinging to my thighs. I continued to lean over Ann’s desk knowing you would be watching. I turned my head to peek back at you and saw you rubbing something under your desk. I decided to end my little tease for the day leaving with you enough to dream about.

I’ve been increasingly lonely horny and adventurous in the past few months. My boyfriend has been overseas on business and won’t be returning for 3 more weeks. I thought about how you rubbed your cock as you got hard looking up my skirt. At first I laughed it off, but now I’m getting more and more turned on. I wanted to see more of what you had down there. I heard you planned to come into work this weekend to catch up on a big project, probably because I’ve kept you so distracted lately.

I woke up early Saturday morning with thoughts of you in my head. I pushed aside my already moist panties and slid a finger into my pussy. I rubbed my clit thinking about how you rubbed yourself looking at me. I work my finger faster on my clit. It felt so good, but was no match for a real dick. My pussy began to ache remembering how it felt to be filled with a hot pumping rod. I cum quickly fantasizing about having a cock inside my dripping wet pussy.

I couldn’t wait 3 long weeks for the satisfaction I craved. Thought about how you’d be working this weekend and would probably be the only person in the office. This is my chance. After picking out something sure to catch your eye I get dressed and head to work.

When I saw you drive into the parking lot I rushed back to my office. I drew back the blinds and left my door open knowing you were about to walk past me. I hopped into my chair leaning back propping my legs and feet on my desk. I thumbed through the paper waiting for you to walk by and hoping you would glance into my office. I got anxious when I heard your footsteps and forced a sneeze so I wouldn’t go unnoticed. You pop your head in to say bless you, but freeze min sentence. Your eyes lock onto my bright yellow heels propped up on my desk. I watched as your gaze moved down my smooth calves, past my knee, and up my thighs. My skimpy sun dress hiked up few inches, due to my position, to give you a peek at my silky legs. I say hello and breaking your trance before you hurry off to your desk avoiding eye contact.
You blushed in embarrassment as I got moist and excited. I kept to myself for the rest of the morning. I offer to buy lunch and place an order with the corner deli. The delivery man arrives. I meet him at the front door, carry the brown bags back to my office, and call for you. I hop up and sit on my desk, hand you a sandwich and suggest we each lunch in my office. You take a seat on the couch, while I sit on my desk dangling my legs over the side. It takes a good 2 or 3 minutes before you notice, but it is obvious when you do. You eat your sandwich slowly as your eyes make their way up my legs and in between my things. I lift my left leg up and place it on the desk to reach an itch on my knee. My legs was spread opening my crotch for full view. I scratched my knee appearing oblivious to your actions. I saw your dick grow in your pants as you licked your lips. I brought my legs back together still acting natural as I got wetter by the moment. I eyed the bulge in your pants while you finished eating.

Like every other day you headed to the gym for a short run after lunch. I sat in my office chair legs spread with one foot on my desk. I rubbed my pussy picturing how big that dick got from just watching. A second finger slid deep into my pussy making me moan out loud. A trembles shoot through my body as I brought my self to the edge of another orgasm before pulling my hand away. I needed to be filled properly this time.

I collect my self and head to the gym looking for you. I stick my head in and find an empty room. I walk through the gym, hear a shower running and head towards the locker room. With one quick motion I grabbed the bottom of my sun dress and pulled it over my head leaving me bare. I fingers find their way back into my pussy as I tiptoe quietly through the locker room and into the shower. You are leaning forward against the wall letting the water from the showerhead run over your back. I gasp trying to keep quiet. As I watch the water glisten and splash across your strong shoulders and muscular round ass. I sneak up behind you and whisper into your ear, “I need your body” before reaching my arm around you to grab your dick. You moan as my touch sends chills through your body. Your cock grows longer and thicker filling my hand. I grip your shaft tighter and stroke it up and down. A second chill runs through your body before you pull my hand from your dick and turn to face me. You pause briefly to watch the water run across my perky tits and down the rest of my body before kissing me deeply.

Our lips lock your tongue gently caresses mine, swapping back and forth. I bite your bottom lip softly before you pull away. Your arms wrap around me and grip my soft ass with both hands pulling my body against yours. I feel your dick press against my stomach radiating with heat. Push back against you rubbing into your dick. I turn around and walk towards the corner of the shower room guiding you with a hand around your dick. You look down to see I’m wearing my bright yellow heels. I pull you close behind me and push my ass back girding against your dick. I spread my legs, lean forward into the corner, putting a hand on each wall for support. I bend my knees and drop my hips down to the floor and slowly stand backup wiggling my hips back and forth putting on a show. I bend sharply at the waist sticking my ass up into the air and look back at your over my shoulder.

You step closer grabbing me by the hips and rub your hard dick against my slippery ass. I take a deep breath and moan as I feel the head of your rod slide between my legs and push deep into my pussy. You begin pumping your dick slowly and deeply into my tight pussy. I can feel every inch of your dick stretching me open as your push deeper into my pussy. I grab my tit with my left hand, pinching and rolling my nipple between my fingers. You start fucking me faster as I begin to moan and fondle my nipple. Fill every inch of my hole with that dick. I moan as you fuck me harder. I feel your hand grab my shoulder and slide down my back sending chills through my body. You dick thrust deeper into my pussy as you smack my ass and squeeze it hard. Fuck me harder I scream biting my lip as you spank me again. I moan louder and louder with every stroke getting faster and harder. The walls of my pussy tense up squeezing his dick inside my hole. I feel every his dick swelling and pushing tighter against my insides. You thrust your dick into me hard and deep while smacking my ass and running your hand down my thighs. A wave of heat courses through my body turning me beat red. I can feel your dick throbbing against my pussy walls setting off rush of pleasure. Fuck me I scream as my cum, my pussy contracting tighter around your shaft. Wave after wave of intense pleasure course through my body as I moan and shake. You grab me by the hips and violently ram your dick deeper and deeper into my pussy. With one last thrust you burry your throbbing dick all the way inside me. My pussy contracts and squeezes tightly around your shaft. Your body jerks forward, engorged dick throbs and pulses shooting your hot thick cum deep inside me. I push back grinding into your as my pussy contracts again milking ever drop of cum from your shaft.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I thought it was my husband

I woke up refreshed and checked the clock on my bedside table. 6 AM its red display informed me. Next week’s schedule was going to be hectic, so I slid naked out of bed, determined to get as much done before the day ticked by.

I tiptoed across the bedroom, glancing over at my husband Peter, who was still in a deep asleep. Last night had been his turn to host “card night” with the guys, so I knew it would be unlikely to see him stir much before nine. I hoped he wasn’t too hung over. He had been working away from home for the past week and I wanted a good hard fuck.

From the chest of drawers I took out a sports bra, socks and running shorts and without putting them on, went down the hallway. I set the coffee for a one hour time delay start, put on my running gear, turned on the TV and then selected a program on the treadmill.

Running always makes me horny for some reason; I guess it is the “feel good” from burning energy. Today was no exception and I skipped the last couple of minutes of the slow-down section of the treadmill program, looking forward to a scolding hot shower.

Peeling off my damp clothes I decided to use the guest room bathroom to shower. I didn’t want to disturb Peter, I wanted him fully rested. I lingered in the shower running my soapy hands over my tanned, firm body, until the need for a coffee overpowered my growing sexual urge.

I dried off and went into the laundry room, dropping off the towel and my sweaty clothes into the basket for washing later. It was then I realized that I had taken the clean clothes into the bedroom yesterday. All that remained was one of Peter’s white dress shirts waiting for a couple of buttons to be sown on.

“Who needs buttons?” I murmured and slipped it on.

The coffee maker had finished its cycle, so I poured myself a nice big mug. I sat at the breakfast bar, flipped open my laptop and logged onto the Sexstoriespost website to see what had been posted last night.

I found a particularly juicy slut wife story and it wasn’t long before my right hand slipped inside of my shirt to squeeze my left breast. As my fingers circled my nipple I vaguely heard the shower running. “Soap that cock rock hard Peter and get your ass into the kitchen” I muttered.

I took my nipple between my thumb and index finger and teased it until it was stiff, rubbing it against the white cotton shirt. Needing more relief, I shifted off the bar stool, putting one bare foot on the floor and the other on the foot rest of the stool.

I moved my fingers down my flat tummy until they were between my legs. I involuntarily gasped as I made contact with my clit before sliding my middle finger between my pussy lips. I was so intent on my self pleasure, the first I knew I wasn’t alone was when a pair of hands grasped my ass, lifting up the shirt to my waist. I felt the hardness of a cock against my back.

“Umm, perfect timing. I’m soaking wet, put that big cock in me.”

I shuddered as he moistened his shaft between my legs. He reached down and pulled apart my sex lips searching for the entrance of my vagina. I couldn’t wait any longer and guided him inside of me.

As the hard, hot flesh pushed in, that delectable feeling spread upwards. I pulled apart the shirt so I could rest my breasts on the cool countertop while supporting my body on my elbows.

“Fuck me harder, abuse my pussy.” I urged. “Treat me like the slut I am.”

He responded and every slap of our bodies drove my budding orgasm higher in intensity.

“God you’re in so deep.” I hissed biting my bottom lip, pushing against him with my hips. “That’s it, oh yes, oh yes.”

I gripped the countertop until my fingers went white.

“Yes, yeess, ahhhggg.” I started to climax and lay face down, the pressure on my breasts with every powerful thrust almost painful.

I let out a muffled scream, my muscles pulsing and I heard him cry out, his cock stiffening and swelling before shooting jets of hot cum deep inside of me.

I slowly relaxed as he finished, enjoying the last spasms of the orgasm.

“You don’t know how much I wanted that.” I mumbled.

“I wanted it more Bev, I can tell you.” He gasped.

I stiffened, that was not the voice of my husband!

I looked over my shoulder to see my husband’s friend Gary. His face split in a big grin as he pulled out of me.

“Gary!“ I cried out. “I thought you were Peter. That was very naughty of you.” I gave him a big open mouthed kiss.

I hold a special attachment for Gary; it was with him and Peter that I had my first threesome. We have had sex several times over the past year; I just love the fact that he can cum so many times in one day.

“I was working in Tucson with Peter last week, we played cards with the guys last night, was over the limit to drive, so I crashed out in the spare bedroom.”

“So I woke you up this morning?”

“Yes, but watching you showering was worth it. You didn’t notice the door to the bedroom was open? I was tempted to join you in the shower, but you seemed to be enjoying yourself.”

“Well today was another first, I usually know who is fucking me.” I laughed, kissed him again and gave him a hug.

“I was going to stay here and watch the game this afternoon if that is okay?”

“Sure thing baby.” I reached down and squeezed his softening cock. “Let me know when you want to play again.”

I heard the toilet flush in the bedroom and then the shower run.

“Ohh, another early riser, I’d better take him a coffee. Help yourself to breakfast.”

I poured a coffee and went through to our bedroom. Peter was still in the shower, so I slipped off the shirt and joined him, grabbing a bar of soap on the way.

“Morning Bev, you going to wash my back?”

“Ummm, that and anything else I can find.” I slipped my hands down to his groin to find he was as stiff as a pole. “You fancy anything special?”

Peter turned around to face me. “I’d love a blow job, but I know you must be horny as well. Hey you know Gary is here?”

I knelt down in the shower and gave him a quick suck. “I was down in the kitchen pleasuring myself and he came in. I thought it was you, I didn’t know it was Gary until after we finished fucking.”

“I’ll take a blow job then.”

I flicked my tongue around the tip of his penis before sucking his entire length in to my mouth. I heard him gasp and he put his hands either side of my head. I let him take command and fondled his balls while he face fucked me.

“Oh God, you are so good at this Bev. I’m not going to last long.”

With that he picked up speed, his cock hitting the back of my throat. I reached between his legs and stuck one of my fingers up his ass. The unexpectedness of that move drove him over the edge and with a cry he filled my mouth with his cum.

I didn’t swallow, but tilted my head upwards letting it ooze between my lips and down my chin as I gently pumped the last of his seed from him. He lifted me up and kissed me.

“Ohh Bev, that was awesome.”

We dressed and went down to the kitchen. Gary is a pretty good cook and had rustled up some eggs and bacon. The rest of the morning went by pretty quickly and we made some sandwiches for the afternoon as the game started at three.

Just before noon I got a call from a friend of mine called Josie. Josie is a sweet little thing, the emphasis on little. She is only 4’ 11” tall but has a great body and her 34B bust looks bigger on her than it really is. I also know from personal experience she is completely bisexual.

“Hey sweet pea, what’s up?” I greeted her.

“Nothing much, what are you doing?”

“The boys are going to watch the game this...”

“Boys?” She interrupted. “Who do you have over?”

“The bunny.”

“THE bunny? The bunny with the batteries in backwards, just keeps cumming and cumming?”

I laughed, I once described Gary’s capabilities and since then she has always made fun of the well known battery advert and nick-named him “the bunny”.

“The bunny.”

“I’m coming over.” With that she hung up.

20 minutes later the door opened and in came Josie. She was dressed in a loose fitting blue sundress, one that really brought out the color of her eyes. As she gave me a hug and a kiss, I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra and I wouldn’t have put it past her to have no panties on.

“Fancy you coming over Josie?” I stated loudly as we walked towards the family room where the boys were.

“Yes I needed to borrow a cup of sugar, or was it a cell phone charger?”

“Have you met Gary, Josie?”

Josie leaned over the couch to shake Gary’s hand exposing a serious amount of tanned freckled cleavage.

“Pleased to meet you Gary.”

“Errr likewise.” Poor Gary struggled to keep eye contact as her breasts swung tantalizingly close to popping out.

I heard Peter mutter “This is trouble.”

“Hey Peter.” Josie came over, sat in his lap, put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. She didn’t make any attempt to move, but stayed sitting on his lap.

As I sat down next to Gary, Peter’s cell phone rang. He spoke briefly on it for a couple of minutes, glanced at his watch and hung up.

“Shit. I shouldn’t have chosen plumbing as a career. Mother’s yard faucet will not stop running. I’m going to drive over and quickly fix it; don’t worry I’ll be back in time for the game.”

He picked up Josie and put her down in my lap, her feet resting on Gary.

“Here, have your plaything back.”

He kissed me and left through the front door. I heard his truck start up and roar up the road.

“Peter’s promoted me to plaything Bev.” She put one arm around my neck and slipped the other under my T-shirt rubbing my tummy. She ran her foot up and down Gary’s chest.

“Do you have a plaything Gary? If not, I am sure Bev will share.” Her hand moved further upwards under my shirt and cupped my left breast, her teeth nibbling on my ear lobe.

I turned to face her and she kissed me on the mouth, her tongue searching out mine in a passionate embrace. In response I unzipped the back of her sundress and pulled it down exposing those lovely breasts.

Jose stood up and her dress slipped to the floor. I was right, no panties, just a lovely strip of black pubic hair.

“Lie back on the sofa.” She told me as she pulled off my shorts and pink panties. Kneeling on the chair she buried her head between my legs. I gasped as she pulled apart my pussy lips and ran her tongue around my clit. She then licked repeated from all the way down to the entrance of my vagina.

I felt one finger penetrate me, then two, then a third stretching me wide. I gripped the sofa as an explosion of pleasure started to build deep inside of me

Presented by a wonderful view of Josie’s pussy, Gary stripped of his clothes and moved in between her thighs. His fingers slipped easily inside of her wet cunt and with a circular motion started to finger fuck her.

“Fuck me now.” She ordered after a few minutes. “Bury yourself all the way inside of me.”

Needing no further encouragement, Gary grasped her hips and in three pushes was in as far as he could go. Josie moaned in satisfaction and the vibration sent my clit into overload as she sucked on my little pink ball.

Gary rhythmically pounded her pussy, and with every slap of flesh pushed her harder against me. I pulled on my nipples and arched my back as my orgasm hit a peak.

“I’m cumming, oh jeez Josie.” I screamed and bucked against her face.

My shouts excited Gary and he started to build up to his climax. Sensing me relax as I came down from my high, Josie moved further up my body so I could suck her nipples.

“Fuck me harder, come on, that’s it, that’s it, ooooohhhh.” She threw her head back, closed her eyes and her pleasure built to that delicious mixture of delight and pain.

Gary groaned and came; his body convulsing with three last powerful thrusts, Josie’s body milking his cock as she squeezed her muscles tightly together. He slumped on top of us and we lay there for 10 minutes basking in a post orgasmic bliss.

By the time Peter arrived back we were all fully clothed and looking innocent (well, Josie was making an effort to do so anyway).

“You girls not going to watch the game?” Peter asked as I took Josie’s hand and pulled her up from the sofa.

“No, I’m going to take my plaything to the hot tub, you can join us later…”

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fucking Mr.Rocha (Part 3)

After Kat's and Dan's public sex adventure, they mostly just flirted and talked a bit. On the way to his house Dan asked, "So are you doing anything this weekend."
"No not really, just finish up some homework and hang out with Princess...Why do you ask," she inquired, turning her head slightly to the right.
"Will your parent be home?" Dan asked keeping his eyes on the road.
"Oh I didn't mention that did I?...They went on a second honeymoon for they're anniversary. They'll be gone all week."
Dan's cock twitched at the idea of full access to Kat for a whole week.
"Mmm, so you wanna stay with me all week?" he joked.
"ha! I wish!"
"What's stopping you?"
"Well, I think my neighbors would be suspicious of me leaving Princess with them for a week."
"Princess is more than welcome in my home. There is always room for royalty!"
Kat laughed and shrugged her shoulders. But as Dan thought about it the more he welcomed the idea of waking up with Kat and almost nonstop sex. The fact that it was a school break made it even more appealing.
"So is that a yes?" Dan said pulling into his driveway.

I look at Dan and smile. "You're serious?"
"Yes of course I'm serious," He says placing a hand on my thigh.
"I guess it's a yes then! But I have to go pick up Princess and some other items"
"Sure thing. Here's the garage key, so you can just go straight in," He says handing her the plastic remote.

I pulled up in my driveway and Darcy is standing at my door with her arms crossed.
"Hey, what up Darce!"
"Don't what's up me! You're parents called me saying they couldn't get in touch with you! Where the hell were you...wait. I smell a little mischievous act in the works!" Darcy said clapping her hands.
'Damn," I thought to myself. She always seemed to figure out almost everything I did. That does become annoying at now.
"That's ridiculous! All I did was go out to the beach to clear my head and..."
"BULLSHIT! Kat! Were you with that teach...what's his name?"
"Dan...I mean Mr.Rocha. And no I wasn't," I said
"Yea, that's why your bikini is inside out?" Darcy said and gave me a look.
"Ok I was!"
"I knew it!What the hell has been going on! When did it start?"
I love Darcy like a sister but she has an annoying habit of prying into my secrets like I'm an open book for her to read. "Darce, I really don't have time right now. I...wait! Can I tell my parents I'm with you all week?"
"Please can we spare the details until later! I really don't need you running around clapping your hands and getting all excited. I'll email you about it later when I get a chance," I say and run into the house.

I exhale, deeply relieved to have ditched all the questions. I mean I haven't really had the time to let all this sink into my mind enough for me to even start answering Darcy's questions.

I look out the window to make sure shes gone, and walk to my neighbors house. I thank her greatly for watching Princess, go home, pack my things, and head back to Dan's place.

Dan sat on his couch watching football, well he wasn't really into the game. He was still thinking about Kat and what happened earlier that day at the beach. He's never felt so alive until this past week. Kat was the girl of his dreams, but the only thing that spoiled everything for him was the fact that she was his student. The whole community would be appalled and he would probably lose his job.
Dan shook those negative thoughts from his mind and an idea came to him that would take his mind off of the situation.

He went into his storage room and pulled out a circular dinning table for two and the matching chairs. Then he found a white cloth and placed into on the table.
"Now for the candles and rose." Well he didn't have a rose bush so he just settled for just candles. He put them in the center of the table, got to wine glasses and filled them with cranberry juice (since Kat can't drink yet). As he went to light the candles he heard the garage open. He rushed to his room and put on his black pants with no shirt and ran back down just in time for Kat to walk into the living room.

"Welcome to the love shack."

I was so surprised at what Dan did. I had to admit it was nicely put together for such a short amount of time. Although the decorations were nice, I couldn't keep my eyes off of the shirtless man in front of me.
I smile and use a thick southern accent, "All this for little ol me?"
Dan laughs, "Cute accent you got there." He pulls me close and lets his hands fall over my bottom. Our lips meet and then Princess comes running in like a bat out of hell. "Oh boy! How did you get out of you're cage?" I say picking her up.
"Dan, Princess. Princess, Dan."
"Nice to meet you, your royal highness," he says and bows.
I laugh, "I'll go put her back in her cage."

When I get back Dan has stripped completely, his soldier at attention. This whole scene makes me wet and tingle all over. He walks over and picks me up. We kiss as he takes me up the stairs, to his room. He puts me on the bed and kisses my neck lightly. I feel his hands on my sides. He continues sliding them up to my chest. My nipples harden as he probes and rubs them through my bikini top. I gasp when he pinches one, throwing my head back and closing my eyes. He brings his hands to my back and place light sensual kisses up my neck to my lips. I reach over and take his rock hard cock in my hand and slowly stroke it up and down as he unties my bikini and takes my nipple in his mouth.

Dan was in shear bliss. He made small circles around Kat's hard nipples, every now and then sucking on them. He snaked his hand down to her bikini clad pussy, rubbing her clit through the thin material. "God, she's so fucking sexy," he thought, "ooh shit, and wet." Dan couldn't take it anymore, he had to taste that sweet nectar.He lowered himself between her legs and removed the wrap and bikini bottom she had on.

Kat spread her legs, exposing her glistening, puffy pussy to Dan's hungry eyes. He ran a finger up and down her wet slit, making her whimper in pleasure. Taking her clit in his mouth he put two fingers in Kat's cunt, sending shivers up her spine. He increased his pace of his fingers and began to attack her cunt mercilessly. Kat's pussy muscles convulsed on Dan's fingers. As he looked up he saw her twisting her nipples and arching her back. "Oh shit Dan! Yes! OH! FUCK! I'm about to cum!"
At that moment Kat's sweet juices flowed into Dan's mouth and she clamped his head between her thighs. He kept fingering her pussy until she begged for him to stop.
Out of breath and sweaty, Kat collapsed on the bed, her body limp. Dan came up on the bed and played with her nipples.

Once I recovered from my extreme climax. I decided to return the favor.
"Mm, wait. Let's 69," Dan said as I reached for his cock. I got on top of him and licked up and down his shaft, then taking just the head of his cock in my mouth. As I felt his tongue come in contact with my clit I took most of his cock down my throat, taking him by surprise. "Damn!" Dan said between licks. I ran my fingers over his balls as I continued to bob my head on his thick rod. At this point Dan was thrusting his cock deeper into my wanting throat. He attack my clit once again sending waves of ecstasy through my body.

"MMmmm!" Was all I could get out as Dan struck a sensitive spot, bringing me to my second climax. I began sucking his cock faster and massaging his balls, feeling them tense followed by spurts of cum down my throat. "Shiittttttt!" Dan groaned. I swallowed all of his creamy load.
"Good?" I ask out of breath a few minutes later.
"Hell yea! Now I wanna fuck that tight pussy!" Dan said rolling me over and putting my legs up on his shoulders.

Dan lined up his cock at Kat's soaking wet entrance, then buried all 8 1/2 inches. Kat inhaled sharply and arched her back as he got into rhythm. "Oooo! Yeah! Harder baby! AH!" Kat moaned as Dan started banging her pussy in rhythmic strokes. "Mm! This pussy's so tight!"
Kat reached down and rubbed her hard clit as Dan sped up his pace, now pounding into her hard and fast. "OH!!! YEAHHHH!" Kat screamed.
Dan loved the feel of this nice young pussy his dick was engulfed in. Pounding back and forth to no avail. Time seemed to slow down. But Dan was almost sent over the edge when Kat screamed out those wonderful words, "Oh! Fuck my ass Dan! AH! Fuck it now!!!!" Dan didn't hesitate, but pulled out and rubbed his wet cock up and down Kat's crack. Slowly at first he pushed in and nearly came when Kat pushed back, making his cock disappear in her tight ass. "Oh Fuck Kat!"
She moaned loudly as she continued to rock back and forth on Dan's cock. Dan then took over and reamed hard and deep into Kat's ass, making her yelp. He held it there a few seconds and then started ramming deep into her ass, Kat attacked her clit furiously, feeling the welcoming stir in her stomach. Dan knew she was cumming when he felt her ass tighten around his dick, pushing him over the edge sending load after load deep in that beautiful ass of hers. "YESSSSSSSS! OH FUCK YES!" Kat yelled out just before she fell on the bed exhausted and sweaty. Dan pulled out and smacked her playfully, "Now that's some good ass."

Monday, July 6, 2009

Katie's first day on the job

It was Katie's first day on her first real job, and she was nervous.

She'd graduated last summer and, at just 19, was delighted to have been offered a position as a trainee at one of the country's up-and-coming advertising firms. She'd had to move to the City and leave her family and friends behind and was renting a one-bedroom flat. She hadn't had a chance to really meet anyone here yet but she knew she couldn't make a career for herself in the provincial town she'd grown up in.

She woke up early on her first morning - she hadn't been able to sleep much anyhow - and took a shower. As she stood naked in her bedroom, towel-drying her long straight brown hair she considered what to wear. She'd already thought it over dozens of times but still hadn't decided upon an outfit. So now, staring at her body in the mirror, she considered her options.

Katie was a pretty girl, a bit plain some might say, especially compared to all the high-fashion women here in the City. At just 5ft 4ins she was never going to have it as a model but she took care of herself, exercising and watching what she ate. She was curvy in all the right places with 34B tits and a medium waist which accentuated her round bum. Her legs were tanned and in truth Katie was happy with how she looked. She allowed her hand to wander down to between her damp legs but regained her composure.

'Not now!', she thought and returned to thinking how to dress to impress on her first day?

Katie tried to strike a balance between fashionable and sexy. She wanted to make a good impression and knew flirting could help her make some knew friends - but she didn't want to be thought of an the office slut. She finally opted for a plain white blouse which hugged her boobs slightly, over a light pink bra and matching pants. Over those she wore a short pencil skirt, black tights and classy black heels. Tying her hair back in a pony-tail she was ready to grab some breakfast and catch the bus.

"If you just take a seat I'll call Mr Davies down to meet you," said the receptionist as Katie introduced herself in the lobby.

Mr Davies was to be Katie's new boss and as he came down the stairs a minute or two later she remembered him from her interview. A man of about 45, Mr Davies had aged well with greying hair and had a mature sophistication about him. He was clean shaven and wore a tailored suit. Katie could see he wore a wedding ring: 'Lucky wife', she thought.

Mr Davies escorted her up to the open plan office and showed her her desk. Katie felt dozens of pairs of eyes upon her but her gaze was caught by another cute man sat on the desk opposite.

Mr Davies explained: "Katie, this is John. He'll show you the ropes and get you started, I've got a few things to do this morning but I'll come see you later and see how you're getting on."

"Ok, thanks," Katie replied and turned back to John.> John was tall and slim, about 6ft with fashionably unkempt blonde surfer hair and a cheeky smile. Katie guessed he was maybe 25 and John later explained that though he'd been with the company four years and had seen a few trainees move up the ladder - he quite liked it here.

Seemingly friendly, John showed Katie around the office, introducing her to a few of her colleagues. They all seemed very sexy and confident, Katie noticed, and there were too many names to remember, but John assured her she'd get to know them all in time. Katie sat back down at her desk and John leaned over her shoulder as he showed her her how to get started at her computer. She got a whiff of his aftershave and thought she caught him peeking down her blouse - she didn't mind though, her friendly flirting plan was working well.

"All clear so far?", John asked.

"Err, yeah I think so," Katie replied. "It's all a bit daunting being here in the City, single and living alone. Maybe you could show me round somwtime? Also, what does everyone do for lunch here?"

John smiled back, and Katie felt a few others around them look up. One employee stifled a cough.

John replied: "I'm glad you asked. Lunch is at 12pm for one hour. Our canteen's pretty crap so a few people go buy a sandwich or something but most of us bring our own and stay up here. We have a laugh."

Katie, who wanted to try and get in with the crowd and had packed herself a small salad anyway, said: "That sounds fine."

John answered: "Great, I'll just be here so if you've any questions before then, just shout over."

And with that Katie got on with sending a few letters and making some calls. She barely noticed the time until at around 11.55am a small group on the other side of the office skulked off, presumably to that sandwich shop down the road.

Katie continued working for a few more minutes, and didn't even notice John duck under her desk opposite. What she did notice was a hand brush the top of her knee. The touch was tender, not rough, but of course it took Katie by surprise. She instinctively pushed her chair back and withdrew her legs. Looking down she saw John. He was topless, his shirt in a crumpled heap next to him on the floor.

He smiled with that cute, cheeky grin and spoke reassuringly: "Relax, it's lunchbreak. Time to get to know the new girl!"

Katie was shocked into silence and looked around to scream but what she saw shocked her further. All over the office clothes were being shed and workers were pairing off - or sometimes into groups - touching and kissing each other.

She saw men with pants round their ankles with young women knelt before them taking bulging hard cocks in their mouths. She saw women still in their chairs with men ripping off tights and licking at their cunts. She saw women sprayed back across desks of files fondling their tits while a man, sometimes two, stood before them stroking long cocks. She saw two guys sucking each other's cocks in a 69 frenzy on the floor. She saw another man already taking up position behind a girl's bare ass. And all around other men and women were masturbating themselves or those next to them as the room filled with the warmth and smell of sex.

As Katie looked back down at John, who was moving both of his hands up her skirt and gently uncrossing her legs, she noticed several other men and a couple of women stripping furiously behind her chair. It had been a while since her last fuck back home and Katie was suddenly aware of how turned on she was. Her nipples were hardening under her blouse, she instinctively shifted in her chair, uncrossing her legs and opening them slightly, and she found John's touch to be exciting yet familiar.

"Just relax", John said again, as his fingers brushed the top of Katie's legs around her warm pussy through her tights. He leaned forward on his kness and took a long breath in through his nose.

Katie thought, 'Shit, he can smell my wetness' and sure enough as John peeled Katie's glossy tights down her smooth legs she felt herself naturally lift her feet encouarging him to remove her shoes. She grasped the armrests of her office chair and John began kissing her bare calves, moving his hands up her inner thighs towards her pink panties underneath, a patch of dampness already forming on the cotton.

Any feelings of guilt evoporated as John's middle finger pulled her pants to one side and his other hand touched her clit. Katie lifted her bum and clumsily hiked her own skirt from underneath up to her waist. Encouraged, John yanked her pants right down and buried his tounge into her pussy and tasted those sweet juices for the first time.

Throwing her head back in pleasure Katie was now aware that standing around them were two more guys, a third black guy, and two slender women. All were in their 20s or 30s and all were already naked and letting their hands wander, fumbling at her blouse and her bra straps. She thought she recognised some of them from earlier but in an increasing state of dizzyness she couldn't focus on their features.

"Get on the desk", John said as he came up for air and, already missing the feel of his lips on her sopping shaven hole Katie hopped out of her chair, pulled her skirt right down and lay flat naked across her new desk, kicking the phone to the floor.

While John removed his pants and set to work again on tounging her pussy, two of the other men stood either side of her desk and ushered Katie's hands to their cocks. In her right hand Katie was now tugging on a long, thin shaft, the man's pubes neatly trimmed. In her left was a shorter but thick hairy cock, it's pleased owner stroking his own balls as Katie wanked him and his colleague on unison. With John's expert tounge working away on her rosebud, Katie threw her head back off the end of the desk and looked up to see the third man - a tall, muscular black man she now remembered she had been introduced to earlier as Richard.

Richard pulled down on her ponytail so Katie was hanging upside down and thrust his pulsating 7inch dick into her mouth. At that angle his bellend struck the back of her throat instantly and made Katie gag slightly - but she could feel John (she presumed it was still him though couldn't be sure) slip two fingers into her wet hole and she clamped her lips around the base of Richard's member in appreciation and began sucking for all her worth.

"I think she likes it!", Richard said.

Katie now had a cock in each hand, one thrusting into her mouth and John's fingers deep in her wanting pussy. All around the room she could hear screams of ecstacy and filthy commands and with two women leaning over her, nibbling her nipples and stroking her soft chest as they fingered themselves, right now she longed for nothing more than someone to shove a cock in her dripping slit.

John read her mind and stood before her surveying the orgy. He made her wait a fraction of a second which was all it took for Katie to momentarily release Richard's massive cock and shout: "Someone fuck my pussy NOW!

She spread her legs wide in the air and John obliged, ramming his own neatly shaven cock balls-deep up her oozing hole. Katie moaned with satisfaction, though in a whirlwind with dicks in both hands, her mouth and her cunt. She furiouly sucked on Richard's cock, her blood rushing to her head still hanging upside down off the end of the desk adding to her lightheadedness. She could feel kisses and hands all over her soft tits and legs and yanked harder on the other cocks still in her grasp to encourage them.

Minutes of furious fucking later, Katie heard someone call over: "I hope you saved some room for me?"

It was a familiar and authoritive voice calling out above the moans all around her. Richard removed his cock from Katie's gob long enough for her to look up and catch a breath. It was Mr Davies.

"We've saved you the best sir!" called out John and he slipped his rock hard shaven cock out of Katie and climbed on top of Katie on the desk. John pushed her legs roughly up towards her shoulders and leaned over her, meeting her gaze. Richard grabbed her ankles from behind Katie and held her prone with her round butt high in the air as John lowered himself back into her pussy. At this high angle and with her legs pulled together Katie felt virgin tight and whimpered with pleasure as John drilled her vagina walls with his 6-and-a-half inches.

"Thankyou John," answered Mr Davies as he removed his own pants and set up camp at the end of the desk, standing up behind John and admiring Katie's bare asscheeks. Katie could see her boss only briefly before she felt her ponytail being tugged down again and Richard's huge dick forced its way back into her mouth.

She couldn't even hear Mr Davies' compliments now but she soon felt the head of his mature dick poking the entrance to her ass. It felt cold against her tiny schpincter - she suspected Mr Davies had lubed himself up, or maybe he'd been coating it in someone else's lovejuice?

As it was Katie secretly loved anal and often masturbated with two toys, so Mr Davies' dick slid in easier than he expected. Katie probably gave away her filthy secret as she uttered a muffled: "Oh yeah, that's the spot", in between long sucks on Richard's rock.

Katie was now helpless, held down on her back, her legs up near her shoulders and with a dick in her upsidedown mouth, one in each hand, one in her tight pussy and one thrusting up her butt. From the soft kisses she could feel on her wait and asscheeks she suspected the girls were still frigging themselves off too and all this sent her over the edge. She came strongly from deep within her loins, and her ass shuddered under Mr Davies' attention.

Her back arched next and then her neck spasmed sending her dangling head spinning out of control but Richard ensured his dick stayed put. The fucking was relentless and as Katie continued to cum, her juice spurring John on, she felt Richard's load finally hit the back of her throat. She lapped up all that she could but there was so much of it she couldn't swallow. Instead Richard's thick cream dripped out of the roof of her mouth and onto her nose and dribbled down her cheeks and eyes towards her forehead. The cocks in her hands came next, with the aid of the men they belonged to and the women standing aside, firing shoots of spunk into the air over the desk and down Katie's wrists as she finished them off.

Richard withdrew and she looked up dizzily to see John banging her cunt furiously and Mr Davies behind him going at her stretched asshole like a pro. With her legs still high in the air both holes felt engulfed and they were soon filling with cum as John and Mr Davies both slowed their thrusts and shoved their cocks as far up Katie's sore holes as they would go. She felt John's legs shudder as his spunk shot deep into her cunt, and Mr Davies' balls slapped the bass of her back one more time as he squirted far up her ass into her bowels.

Moments later, as John gingerly climbed off the desk and Mr Davies removed his sticky limp dick from her butt, all Katie could do was flop her legs down and feel the cum ooze from her three holes onto her desk and all over her paperwork.

As she came round, she noticed most of the other workers had gone.

"There's showers down the hall," John said leaning down to kiss her cum-soaked mouth. Let's get you cleaned up."

"Then get back to work!" Mr Davies said as he made his way back to his office.

"It's a quarter to one and the ugly lot will be back up in a minute with their sandwiches. See you all tomorrow, 12pm sharp."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fucking Mr.Rocha (Part 2)

I wake up on Saturday, still thinking of what happened. I take a shower and decide to log in to my msn. As I log in an invite pops up from (fake email). I accept it and about five minutes later a message appears.

dannyr: Hey.

kittykat: hey

dannyr: What are you up to?

kittykat: nothing much, I was about to take my dog to the beach.Wanna come?

dannyr: I would like to but the risk of bumping into students from school is to high. :(

kittykat: u dont have to worry about tht, I don't go to the beach in town. I go to the Jacksonville beach.

dannyr: you drive almost an hour to go to the beach?lol

kittykat: yea if I'm not going with my friends or family.

dannyr: Ok, sure. You want me to pick you up? Or you can drive here?

kittykat: I think it wud be better if I drove there.

I wrote down his address to his house and rushed around my room for something to wear. I decide on a pink and black string bikini that is barely there and a pink see-through wrap. I slip them on, grab Princess (my dog), and head for my car.

Dan sat at his desk and took in what he'd just agreed to. Where was this going? He didn't want to hurt Kat but at the same time this couldn't possible go anywhere...or could it? He was in deep thought as he continued to look for his black trunks.
He was jolted from his thoughts by the annoying screech of his home phone.
"Mr.Rocha? Hi!This is Jenny. From class?"
Dan paused, confused. "Jenny? Wha-What can I do for you?"
"I was wondering if you could spare some time with me after school...for tutoring I mean"
"Well, I'm too busy grading papers and preparing the essay assignments. But I'm sure one of my trained tutors would be delighted to help you!"
"B-But, I wanted.."
"Listen, Jenny I have to go." Dan said and hung up, when he heard the sound of his door bell. He quickly pulled on a shirt, trunks, grabbed his shorts and ran downstairs.
But, he wasn't prepared for what he saw Kat in...

Kat took a deep breathe as Dan opened the door. Dan's mouth dropped open as he eyed me in my tiny bikini. "wow," he stammered.
"You like?" I said turning around sexily.
I giggle slightly and ask "Can I park my car in your garage?"
"Sure,let me go move mine out of the way."He said letting me in his house. He closed the door and disappeared to the side of the house. I looked around wondering how he could afford such an enormous house on a teacher's salary. Giant art works hung neatly on the walls, lively plants in almost every corner. I walk into what seems like the den. There is a beautiful, big fireplace, a big screen TV, a nice leather couch, the works. I am interrupted from my tour by the sound of a knock. I look around and Dan is standing in the doorway.
"I love your house!" I say walking up to him.
"Yea, It's been in the family for awhile. This house it partly why I moved back here." He says running his hands up and down the wall.
"Well maybe you could tell me more about your history while we relax on the beach," I say placing my hand on his shoulder and kiss him lightly on the lips.

I park my car in his garage and walk back out to his Hummer H2.
"So where is your pet?" he says raising an eyebrow.
"Oh the neighbor is watching her," I say with a sly smile.
Dan just chuckles to himself and starts the engine.

They arrive at the beach and Dan takes a deep breath. He gets out and opens Kat's door. "Such a gentlemen, but I already knew that about you." Kat says taking his hand."A Gentlemen for a Lady," he says kissing her hand and smiling.
"Very smooth," Kat laughs.

Dan grabs his beach equipment he packed while in the garage, and they went out to find a nice spot. When they finally found a nice secluded area Kat laid out her beach towel and removed her wrap from her generous hips. Dan couldn't help but take in such sexiness and beauty. Kat look up at him and blushed, as she realized he was staring. She bent down slowly and retrieved sunblock from her bag.
"Could you put some on my back?" She said innocently.
Dan took the lotion and watched her lower herself onto her towel and putting all her backside out for Dan to enjoy and touch.He knelt down and placed some in his hands.

I lay there waiting for his big hands to roam my back and I can feel my bikini bottom dampen and I haven't even been in the water yet ;-). He slowly works my shoulders and upper-back, then slowly is making his way to my waist, stopping just above my bottom. I look back at him to encourage his hands to roam lower.
He takes the hint and continues to rub each cheek, making sure not to miss any crevice. He keeps on lower gently brushing up against my pussy causing me to let out a slight gasp. He doesn't stop, but continues to my thighs and back up to my bikini area. I moan as he slides his fingers over my now hard clit. He massages it in slow circles then stops.
I groan in disappointment. "There you go," he says with a smirk. I look down at his twitching hard-on and I can feel my mouth water.
"You're turn," I say gesturing for him to lay down.

I get on his back and apply the sunblock, massaging very briefly. "Ok, now turn over."
"OOO! I like you when you're bossy," He says rolling over. I laugh and straddle is waist, my ass resting on his balls and my pussy on his cock just enough to tease him. I apply the lotion slowly around his toned pecks, gliding over his nipples, then to his firm abs and back up again. All the while slightly rocking back and forth, rubbing my wet pussy over his hard-on. I notice his breathing getting deeper and I get up.
"Aww!" he moans.
"Payback," I laugh. He smiles evilly and gets up. "wait! You better not!" I yell.
He comes up to me and tackles me, making me fall on top of him.
Our laughter fades as we start to kiss.

Kat separates from the kiss and proceeds down his body. She stops as the top of his trunks and looks around. Then she pulls them down, Dan's cock springing out almost hitting her in the face. She slowly takes his full 8inches, slowly coming back up. Dan is in heaven. She licks from his balls to the the head of his cock, then sucks up in down, picking up her rhythm. Making fast movements then slowing down, teasing him.She knew just how to manipulate Dan's dick. Finally, Dan couldn't take it anymore and took Kat to the towel and laid her face down, so they were now in the doggy style position. Dan slowly ran his cock up and down Kat's covered, hot slit. Then he reached down and placed her bikini to the side.


I moaned as Dan runs his fingers up my pussy to my clit and into my soaking wet cunt. "What do you want?" he whispered in my ear, still fingering my hole.
"I want you to fuck me," I whisper back. Repeating my previous move, Dan looked around making sure we are still the only ones over here. Then he rams his cock balls deep in my pussy, making me scream out in pleasure. With every thrust I can feel myself fall deeper into ecstasy. He moves slow at first and gradually quickens his pace. He reaches over and rubs my clit, "Oh fuck!MMM! Yea right there!," I say biting my bottom lip, bucking my hips. Dan, in one swift move, grabs my thigh and spins me over, his cock still in place. He leans over, taking my right nipple in his mouth while thrusting deep in my pussy.


It takes all the strength in Dan's body not to go wild on Kat's nice, tight pussy. He thrusts deep and gains more speed as Kat clutches his head on her tits, moaning, "Oh! Dan! Yes! right there! OH FUCK! I'm cumming baby!"
Dan is pushed over the edge as Kat clenches her pussy tightly on his cock. "Oh shit! Kat! FUCK!" he nearly screams as he shoots load after load into her tight pussy. Kat wraps her legs around his waist as they both come down from they're orgasms.
All of a sudden they hear voice and quickly jump up. Dan pulls up his trunks and Kat fixes her bikini and puts her wrap back on. They both lay down on their towels just in time. A group of college students slowly pass by gossiping and laughing loudly.
Kat and Dan exchanged relieved looks and laugh at themselves.