Thursday, July 16, 2009

I noticed you looking...

I’ve noticed you looking at me. At first you were subtle, turning your head as I walked by your desk, stealing a peak while I worked at a desk across from yours. In the past month I’ve caught you staring quite a few times, almost daily now. I will say I am partial to the attention. I started to dress up a little more on days I knew I’d be working close to your desk.

Remember last week? I put a lot of thought into that outfit. I picked up on a few things you like. Anytime I wore a skirt or heels you’re eyes would be glued to my legs. I walked past your desk and just as I did you got out of your chair to “stretch” and get a better look by following me down the hall.

I left my hair down for the occasion. My long soft curls draped over my shoulders onto my back and swayed gently as I walked down the hall. I could feel your eyes on me. The white blouse I wore clung tightly to my narrowing waist and came down to the curve of my hips. I wore my favorite black pencil skirt. Don’t you love the way it hugs every curve. It grew tight with every stride, the fabric cupping my ass firmly as I walked. It ended just below my knee with a nice sized slit running up the backside. Your eyes moved down to my legs wrapped in black silk thigh high stockings. You can see the lace top of my stockings through the slit up my skirt. Your eyes move slowly down my silky legs to my shoes. A pair of magnificent black paten leather platforms with 6 inch wooden heels. I heard you sigh when you saw them. I wish I could have turned around to catch you drooling over me before I walked into my office and closed the door.

And later that day I found an excuse to go chat with Ann. I leaned in to read her computer screen. I bent at the waist keeping my legs straight with one crossed in front of the other. My ass poked out and lifted my skirt exposing the tops of my laced stockings clinging to my thighs. I continued to lean over Ann’s desk knowing you would be watching. I turned my head to peek back at you and saw you rubbing something under your desk. I decided to end my little tease for the day leaving with you enough to dream about.

I’ve been increasingly lonely horny and adventurous in the past few months. My boyfriend has been overseas on business and won’t be returning for 3 more weeks. I thought about how you rubbed your cock as you got hard looking up my skirt. At first I laughed it off, but now I’m getting more and more turned on. I wanted to see more of what you had down there. I heard you planned to come into work this weekend to catch up on a big project, probably because I’ve kept you so distracted lately.

I woke up early Saturday morning with thoughts of you in my head. I pushed aside my already moist panties and slid a finger into my pussy. I rubbed my clit thinking about how you rubbed yourself looking at me. I work my finger faster on my clit. It felt so good, but was no match for a real dick. My pussy began to ache remembering how it felt to be filled with a hot pumping rod. I cum quickly fantasizing about having a cock inside my dripping wet pussy.

I couldn’t wait 3 long weeks for the satisfaction I craved. Thought about how you’d be working this weekend and would probably be the only person in the office. This is my chance. After picking out something sure to catch your eye I get dressed and head to work.

When I saw you drive into the parking lot I rushed back to my office. I drew back the blinds and left my door open knowing you were about to walk past me. I hopped into my chair leaning back propping my legs and feet on my desk. I thumbed through the paper waiting for you to walk by and hoping you would glance into my office. I got anxious when I heard your footsteps and forced a sneeze so I wouldn’t go unnoticed. You pop your head in to say bless you, but freeze min sentence. Your eyes lock onto my bright yellow heels propped up on my desk. I watched as your gaze moved down my smooth calves, past my knee, and up my thighs. My skimpy sun dress hiked up few inches, due to my position, to give you a peek at my silky legs. I say hello and breaking your trance before you hurry off to your desk avoiding eye contact.
You blushed in embarrassment as I got moist and excited. I kept to myself for the rest of the morning. I offer to buy lunch and place an order with the corner deli. The delivery man arrives. I meet him at the front door, carry the brown bags back to my office, and call for you. I hop up and sit on my desk, hand you a sandwich and suggest we each lunch in my office. You take a seat on the couch, while I sit on my desk dangling my legs over the side. It takes a good 2 or 3 minutes before you notice, but it is obvious when you do. You eat your sandwich slowly as your eyes make their way up my legs and in between my things. I lift my left leg up and place it on the desk to reach an itch on my knee. My legs was spread opening my crotch for full view. I scratched my knee appearing oblivious to your actions. I saw your dick grow in your pants as you licked your lips. I brought my legs back together still acting natural as I got wetter by the moment. I eyed the bulge in your pants while you finished eating.

Like every other day you headed to the gym for a short run after lunch. I sat in my office chair legs spread with one foot on my desk. I rubbed my pussy picturing how big that dick got from just watching. A second finger slid deep into my pussy making me moan out loud. A trembles shoot through my body as I brought my self to the edge of another orgasm before pulling my hand away. I needed to be filled properly this time.

I collect my self and head to the gym looking for you. I stick my head in and find an empty room. I walk through the gym, hear a shower running and head towards the locker room. With one quick motion I grabbed the bottom of my sun dress and pulled it over my head leaving me bare. I fingers find their way back into my pussy as I tiptoe quietly through the locker room and into the shower. You are leaning forward against the wall letting the water from the showerhead run over your back. I gasp trying to keep quiet. As I watch the water glisten and splash across your strong shoulders and muscular round ass. I sneak up behind you and whisper into your ear, “I need your body” before reaching my arm around you to grab your dick. You moan as my touch sends chills through your body. Your cock grows longer and thicker filling my hand. I grip your shaft tighter and stroke it up and down. A second chill runs through your body before you pull my hand from your dick and turn to face me. You pause briefly to watch the water run across my perky tits and down the rest of my body before kissing me deeply.

Our lips lock your tongue gently caresses mine, swapping back and forth. I bite your bottom lip softly before you pull away. Your arms wrap around me and grip my soft ass with both hands pulling my body against yours. I feel your dick press against my stomach radiating with heat. Push back against you rubbing into your dick. I turn around and walk towards the corner of the shower room guiding you with a hand around your dick. You look down to see I’m wearing my bright yellow heels. I pull you close behind me and push my ass back girding against your dick. I spread my legs, lean forward into the corner, putting a hand on each wall for support. I bend my knees and drop my hips down to the floor and slowly stand backup wiggling my hips back and forth putting on a show. I bend sharply at the waist sticking my ass up into the air and look back at your over my shoulder.

You step closer grabbing me by the hips and rub your hard dick against my slippery ass. I take a deep breath and moan as I feel the head of your rod slide between my legs and push deep into my pussy. You begin pumping your dick slowly and deeply into my tight pussy. I can feel every inch of your dick stretching me open as your push deeper into my pussy. I grab my tit with my left hand, pinching and rolling my nipple between my fingers. You start fucking me faster as I begin to moan and fondle my nipple. Fill every inch of my hole with that dick. I moan as you fuck me harder. I feel your hand grab my shoulder and slide down my back sending chills through my body. You dick thrust deeper into my pussy as you smack my ass and squeeze it hard. Fuck me harder I scream biting my lip as you spank me again. I moan louder and louder with every stroke getting faster and harder. The walls of my pussy tense up squeezing his dick inside my hole. I feel every his dick swelling and pushing tighter against my insides. You thrust your dick into me hard and deep while smacking my ass and running your hand down my thighs. A wave of heat courses through my body turning me beat red. I can feel your dick throbbing against my pussy walls setting off rush of pleasure. Fuck me I scream as my cum, my pussy contracting tighter around your shaft. Wave after wave of intense pleasure course through my body as I moan and shake. You grab me by the hips and violently ram your dick deeper and deeper into my pussy. With one last thrust you burry your throbbing dick all the way inside me. My pussy contracts and squeezes tightly around your shaft. Your body jerks forward, engorged dick throbs and pulses shooting your hot thick cum deep inside me. I push back grinding into your as my pussy contracts again milking ever drop of cum from your shaft.

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