Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fucking Mr.Rocha (Part 5)

The bell rings and I immediately put myself together as Dan pulls up his pants. I kiss him and run out to my locker. As soon as I open it, Darcy walks up to me.
"So...hows class? Getting some extra tutoring in?" She says cooly.
"I didn't see you at lunch today Kat!"
"Well I went off campus..." I reply avoiding eye contact.
"Oh. Where? That new place, Dan's Joint?"
"Ha. Very funny. If you know where I was why ask?" I say, close my locker and go to Dan's class.
I walk in and Jenny sitting on Dan's desk, leaning close to him not allowing me to see whats going on. As I walk in she gets up, smirks, and leaves the classroom. I stand in shock, unable to move.
"Kat its not what..."
I run out of his class and run out of the school. I decide to go to my families vacation home a hour and a half from here. I quickly jump into my car and drive off.
Dan feels so stupid. He should have told Jenny to leave as soon as she walked into the class. But stupidly he believed her when she said she just came to apologize for the trouble she caused. Dan banged his fists on the table and got up and picked up his stuff and left. He got in his car and called Kat immediately.
"Kat! I'm sorry! Nothing happened Jenny...Where are you?"
"Why? Dan I..."
"No Kat! Where are you! I want to explain to you what really happened in person."
There is a long pause as Dan starts his engine.
"Fine Dan. I'm at my parents second house. Here's how to get here...."
Dan follows the directions and pulls up into Kat's driveway.
I open the door and wait for Dan to get out of the car. As he walks towards me I can't help but notice how sexy he looks. His rippling biceps and his dimples. I almost forget how mad I am with him. But then the memory of Jenny's rear end sitting on the very place Dan and I....
"Hey Kat...Can I come in?" Dan says breaking my train of thought.
I let him in and close the door behind him. I turn around and fold my arms.
"Kat let me explain, I didn't mean for you to be hurt. Nothing has or ever will happen between Jenny and me. I personally got her switched out of my class! Please believe me. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you."
I looked deep into his eyes as he said all of this and I knew he was telling me the truth. I mean there he was explaining the whole thing to me. It's not like I'm his girlfriend, fiance, or his wife but he feels that he need to explain everything and protect me. I hug him.
"Shh. just hold me Dan." He wraps his arms round my waist and exhales.
"I think I'm fallin for you Kat.."
Dan looked down at this beautiful young woman in his arms. Her gentle beautiful face, her curvy body, her soft heart, why wouldn't he fall for her?
Kat stood in silence for awhile then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Dan lowered his hand to her round bottom and squeezed, bringing her closer into him. He trailed kisses down to her neck then picked her up. "Where's your room?" he asked.
Kat points up stairs and Dan carries her up and into her room. He puts her down and she nearly tears his clothes off. She pushes him down on the bed and straddles him.
Dan admires how her shirt clings to her chest like a second skin. He runs his hands up her sides and takes off her shirt, then her bra. Her round breast escape their bondage, bouncing free and Dan reaches up and takes one nipple in his mouth. Kat gasps and places her hand on his head, arching her back and leaning her head back. Dan is lost in Kat's body and flips her over trailing kisses and sensual licks from one nipple to the next, then circling her naval. He slowly licks down until he reaches her clit and takes it completely into his mouth tasting her sweet nectar, licking up and down her juicy cunt until she can't bare it anymore.
I moaned and breath in as Dan works wonders on my throbbing pussy. I gently rock my hips back and forth on his mouth until I can't take it and need to taste his cock.
"Mmm. Get on the bed! I want your cock now!"
I remove his boxers and his manhood pops up ready for action. I look into his eyes and lower my mouth all the way down his shaft, slowly coming back up and then down again.
"Oh hell," Dan says closing his eyes. I lick from his base to his head and move my hands up and down his shaft. Still looking straight at him, I lick from his head to his balls, taking one into my mouth and rotating my tongue. Dan breaths in sharply and I come back up to his head and suck on it, moving my hands up and down on his cock.
Dan is in heaven and has to feel the back of Kat's throat. He grabs Kat's head and slowly thrusts his cock deep into her mouth, but surprisingly she doesn't choke, she just takes all of it and massages his balls. "Ah! Oh fuck Kat your gonna make me come if you keep sucking my cock like that." Then she smiles and deep throats him again faster, bringing her hands up and down his shaft each time she comes up and down. Kat feels Dan's cock get harder and suddenly spurts of cum shoot down her throat. "OH SHITTTT!" Dan says and thrusts deep down Kat's throat.
After the last spurt drips down Kat's face she quickly licks it off and smiles up at Dan. She straddles him again and kisses him. Dan run's his hands up and down her frame, his eyes looking from her beautiful hairless pussy to her gorgeous face with those juicy lips. His cock springs back to life, rubbing against Kat's bubble butt.
"Ready for round two?" Kat says raising an eyebrow.
"Mmm question is...are you?"
Dan turns Kat over and puts her legs behind her head. Then he thrusts deep and hard in Kat's tight hot pussy. "Mmm! Fuck!" Kat screams as Dan pounds her senseless. He continues his long, deep, hard thrusts slightly rotating his hips. Kat is moaning loudly and uncontrollably, arching her back and gripping the sheets. Still thrusting, Dan leans down and kisses Kat, wrestling their tongues, searching each other's mouth like their life depended on it. Then kat pushed Dan on the bed and started to ride him like the cowgirl she is. Bouncing up and down making her tits shake all over. Dan grabs her by the waist and meets her thrust for thrust, hitting her gspot. Kat screams loudly and grabs her boobs and squeezes as she hits her climax. "OH FUCKKKK! FUCK ME! DAN! AHHHHH!" Dan quickens his pace, going at it harder as Kat's pussy clenched repetitively on his cock. Each time Kat tighten her pussy Dan felt himself come closer to cumming. Kat kept bouncing up and down on his cock with her eyes closed tight, biting her lower lip. Dan got up and flipped Kat over, now in doggystyle, and thrusts the full length of his cock in Kat's soaking wet pussy. Kat meets his thrusts loving the sweet sensational esctasy Dan's cock is making her feel. She feels that stir in her pussy as she almost reaches her peak for the second time. Dan feels her pussy tighten with orgasm and he lets off spurt after spurt in her young, tight cunt. "Damn! KAT!" Dan grunts as he thrust one last time and holds it there. Kat collapses on the bed, unable to move. Dan drops down on the bed beside her breathing hard.
"Oh fuck that was incredible." I say rolling over to look at him.
"Hell yea it was!" Dan says still out of breath.
I lay my head on Dan's chest and have the urge to ask him the question that's been in my mind for a while now.
"What is this...to you?"
There's a small pause before he answers, "Honestly I don't know Kat."
All of a sudden I hear the door bell ring and then the front door open.....

More in Part 6! Be sure to comment!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Fucking Mr.Rocha (Part 4)

Dan and I spent the whole week we were all over each other. When Sunday came I reluctantly packed my things. Dan came up behind me.
"Mmm. It can't be Sunday." He said wrapping his arms around my waist.
"I know. I don't want to leave." I reply turning around and placing my hands around his neck. We kiss deeply and passionately. I feel Dan's hands slowly pull my skirt up and pull my thong to the side. I gasp as he softly slides his finger along my slit. I lower my right hand into the waist of his pants and grab hold of his hardening cock. As soon as I start to stroke him my cell phone starts blaring.
"Damn it. It's my parents." I say breaking our trance and grabbed my phone.
"Hello?" I answer out of breath.
"Kat?? Where are you we just got in." My mom replies irritated.
"Oh I'm out shopping. I'll be home in little bit. Tell dad I love him. See ya later. Bye." I say and hang up.
I turn around and Dan hands me my bag and kisses my forehead. " I'll see you at school."
We say our good byes and I rush to the mall to pick up something so it looks like I really was shopping and head home.
Dan plops down in front of his television to watch the Cardinals vs. Carolina game. Its halftime and the Cardinals are in the lead. He gets into the game for a while until the Cardinals start to lose miserably. He turns off the TV and stares at the blank screen. "Snap out of it Dan! It's just lust. Just a teenage girl with sweet..." He heard a knock at the door and perked up thinking it was Kat. But when he opened the door it was Jenny.
"Mr.Rocha!" Jenny said and shifted in her tight, barely there mini dress.
Dan sighed deeply with disappointment. "How do you know where I live??"
"The files in the office. I TA there. I just dropped by to ask you what the homework was again. I'm kind of a procrastinator...can I come in?"
Dan tightened the space between the doorway, "No you may not. I am getting ready to leave. Your homework is to read your textbook pages 98-130 and answer the questions at the end. Now if you excuse me." He said and closed the door.
That Jenny girl really is a slut, he thought to himself. Nothing like...He trailed off and tried not to think about her. He looked out the window and saw Jenny walk to her car and drive off. He exhaled, relieved. "Well I may as well go somewhere." He said and went upstairs.
I wake up to my alarm clock and get out of bed. I stretch and walk into my bathroom. As I jump into the shower I here my room phone ring and I decide to let it go to voice mail. I listen closely as I hear it come on. "Hey Kat you never did call or text me back about this Dan thing" Darcy says exaggerating Dan's name. I stop listening and decide that I'll deal with her at school.
As I pick out my close I decide to dress a little more covered since I had a hickey on my cleavage and it was a little breezy outside. I decide on a white button up blouse with a silk undershirt and a dark denim skirt. I pull on my clothes and put on my mid-calf boots. As I walk downstairs, I hear mom in the kitchen singing an old Puerto Rican song. "Buenas dias mama!" I say and kiss her on the cheek. "Hola chica.Did you sleep well?"
"Si mama. Donde esta papa?" I say looking around.
"You're father is still sleeping, I think he has jet lag. He'll be fine. Here's your breakfast." She says and hands me a plate.
I eat it and head to school.
As soon as I get there Darcy pulls up next to me. I sigh heavily, knowing she was going to drill me. I step out of my car and wait for her to do the same.
"Hey Darce!"
"Don't hey Darce me! Do you know how anxious I've been to here what's going on!"
I laugh and start to explain everything. Throughout the whole conversation I think she squealed over 15 times.
"Oh my gosh! So is this just sex or what?" she says as we walk towards the school entrance.
"I don't know..."
Dan shuffled through his paperwork on his desk that he neglected to do over break. He laughed at himself. "What a week" he thought. He finished his last paper and exhaled. It's still early so he decides to head down to the teacher's lounge. He walks in and he's the only one there. He sits down in front of the tv and watches the news. About 10 minutes later the principle walks in. "Good morning Mrs.Flanders."
"Morning Dan. I need to speak with you...do you have a moment?"
Dan turns off the tv and stands. "Sure. What is it?"
"There have been rumors about you flirting with one of your female students..." Dan held his breath and prayed to God he was somewhere else, "I believe her name is Jenny?"
Dan let his breath go relieved and somewhat disturbed. "Jenny? Are you kidding me? That girl has been stalking me! Everywhere I turn she is there making up some lame excuse to talk to me. She even showed up at my house yesterday!" Dan said in a rage.
"Calm down Mr. Rocha. If you would let me finish; we have had problems with Jenny and male teachers for quite some time now...actually since she was a freshman. She has been known to corner young male teachers. Now I am just warning you that you may want to file a complaint before rumors spread and I don't even want to tell you what happened to the teacher you replaced." Mrs.Flanders patted him on the shoulder and gave him a reassuring look.
"Oh, well I guess I'll file one this afternoon during my planning period." Dan replied as Mrs.Flanders walked out of the lounge.
I have been avoiding Darcy all morning. She has been on my case since I told her about Dan. But I feel somewhat relieved for the moment because my next class is Dan's and Darcy isn't in it with me. As I close my locker door, I feel someone watching me. I look around and instantly spot Jenny three lockers down leaning on her locker, glaring at me. I calmly walk over.
"Hey Jenny, what's up?"
"Apparently your nose. You walk around here swaying your hips and batting your eyelashes like you're some kind of babe. You think you can win him?"She spat standing up straight.
"What are you talkin about?"
"You know very well what and who I am talking about. But since you are soo clueless his name rhymes with fan."
"Mr.Rocha? Jenny are you crazy? He's a teacher! And besides I'm not the one who gets innocent male teachers to resign or get locked up, am I Jenny?" I say moving closer to her.
She smiles, "Oh you are so clever aren't you. But game recognizes game Kitty. Don't go messing with panthers because, as a house cat, you might get a little scratched. I can survive in the jungle but I doubt you can handle what Dan's got." She says and walks off.

When I walk into the classroom, surprisingly Jenny wasn't there.Normally, she's the first one. As the bell rang and everyone shuffled in Dan started to make an announcement.
"Okay quiet everyone! A minor announcement pertaining to on of your classmate. Jenny has been changed out of this class. Now if any one will like to switch out of a class for this semester you must do it now or risk being stuck with it." Dan's gaze fell on my face and I started to get hot. I'm in the closest desk to his desk in the corner of the room and no one can see under my desk so I decide to tease him a bit. When he sits down at his computer giving me a quick look, I casually cross my legs and reveal my lace underwear. I can see him squirm in his seat as I continue to uncross them and spread them a bit, placing my hand on my thigh. He clears his throat and I slowly run my hand from my knee to my inner thigh, raising my skirt higher and giving him a full view of my panty-clad pussy. I look up and catch him licking his lips, he smiles and turns back to his computer. I smirk and continue to do my work. I am half way finished with my essay draft when the lunch bell rings. Everybody files out of the classroom and I leave to the bathroom. After the halls clear I head back to Dan's classroom and he is still at his computer. "Hey sexy," I say closing the door and locking it. He laughs, "You really are trying to kill me! I couldn't leave my desk during class from fear that someone would notice my excitement over your tease show!"
I smile widely and sit on his desk in front of him. He grabs my waist and brings me on my lap, I kiss him instantly shifting so I was straddling him. He slowly ran his big hands down my back and gripped my hips. He slaps my ass and I moan with excitement. "Oh fuck. I like it when you're rough with me!" I exclaim and nibble his ear.
"Oh really? Mmm. You like it rough?"
"Mmm yes!" I almost yell when he slaps my ass harder this time. He puts me on his desk and yanks open my blouse, then he rips off my panties and fingers my dripping cunt. I arch my back and exhale loudly, gripping the desk edge. He then undoes his pants, and drives is cock deep inside of me hard. I yelp in ecstasy, closing my eyes as he takes deep, hard thrusts in my pussy. With each thrust my tits bounce up and down. He leans toward me and takes in my left nipple, suckling on it then gently bites. I moan louder and place my hand on his head as he continues to lick around my nipple and keeps him rhythm of deep thrusts. "Oh SHIT!" I finally let myself yell. Dan pulled out and told me to lean over the desk. I quickly obey and prop one knee on the desk."Mmm. I like this view" he laughs. Then without another word he plunges back into my hot,wet, gripping hole. I hear him moan with each thrust and I feel that exciting quiver in my pussy. I moan loudly as I cum violently bucking my hips and shaking the desk. Good thing the rooms are sound proof. Dan continues his pace driving into with passion and sweat rolling down his forehead. I look back at him and we kiss as I meet his thrusts. We switch positions again and Dan is sitting in his desk chair as I ride him like a stallion. You could have sworn I was a professional bull rider the way I bounce on his big thick cock. He gripped my ass, slapping every now and then almost sending me to my next climax. "Mmm! Fuck!" He says gripping my ass harder and closing his eyes. I grab my tits, twirling my nipples in between my thumb and middle fingers. Dan meets my thrusts, quickening the pace, going deeper in my quivering cunt. I wrap my arms around his neck as he gets up and puts me against the wall, fucking my brains out. We reached an all time high when we both came violently and without regards to where we were. I gripped him neck and waist harder and he pumped his cock hard one last time. "Oh fuck!" I gasp as he finally pulls out and I slide down so my feet touch the floor. We kiss passionately intertwining our tongues, exploring each other's mouth. Out of breath, Dan falls into his chair. Then the bell rings...

More to come in Part 5!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I noticed you looking...

I’ve noticed you looking at me. At first you were subtle, turning your head as I walked by your desk, stealing a peak while I worked at a desk across from yours. In the past month I’ve caught you staring quite a few times, almost daily now. I will say I am partial to the attention. I started to dress up a little more on days I knew I’d be working close to your desk.

Remember last week? I put a lot of thought into that outfit. I picked up on a few things you like. Anytime I wore a skirt or heels you’re eyes would be glued to my legs. I walked past your desk and just as I did you got out of your chair to “stretch” and get a better look by following me down the hall.

I left my hair down for the occasion. My long soft curls draped over my shoulders onto my back and swayed gently as I walked down the hall. I could feel your eyes on me. The white blouse I wore clung tightly to my narrowing waist and came down to the curve of my hips. I wore my favorite black pencil skirt. Don’t you love the way it hugs every curve. It grew tight with every stride, the fabric cupping my ass firmly as I walked. It ended just below my knee with a nice sized slit running up the backside. Your eyes moved down to my legs wrapped in black silk thigh high stockings. You can see the lace top of my stockings through the slit up my skirt. Your eyes move slowly down my silky legs to my shoes. A pair of magnificent black paten leather platforms with 6 inch wooden heels. I heard you sigh when you saw them. I wish I could have turned around to catch you drooling over me before I walked into my office and closed the door.

And later that day I found an excuse to go chat with Ann. I leaned in to read her computer screen. I bent at the waist keeping my legs straight with one crossed in front of the other. My ass poked out and lifted my skirt exposing the tops of my laced stockings clinging to my thighs. I continued to lean over Ann’s desk knowing you would be watching. I turned my head to peek back at you and saw you rubbing something under your desk. I decided to end my little tease for the day leaving with you enough to dream about.

I’ve been increasingly lonely horny and adventurous in the past few months. My boyfriend has been overseas on business and won’t be returning for 3 more weeks. I thought about how you rubbed your cock as you got hard looking up my skirt. At first I laughed it off, but now I’m getting more and more turned on. I wanted to see more of what you had down there. I heard you planned to come into work this weekend to catch up on a big project, probably because I’ve kept you so distracted lately.

I woke up early Saturday morning with thoughts of you in my head. I pushed aside my already moist panties and slid a finger into my pussy. I rubbed my clit thinking about how you rubbed yourself looking at me. I work my finger faster on my clit. It felt so good, but was no match for a real dick. My pussy began to ache remembering how it felt to be filled with a hot pumping rod. I cum quickly fantasizing about having a cock inside my dripping wet pussy.

I couldn’t wait 3 long weeks for the satisfaction I craved. Thought about how you’d be working this weekend and would probably be the only person in the office. This is my chance. After picking out something sure to catch your eye I get dressed and head to work.

When I saw you drive into the parking lot I rushed back to my office. I drew back the blinds and left my door open knowing you were about to walk past me. I hopped into my chair leaning back propping my legs and feet on my desk. I thumbed through the paper waiting for you to walk by and hoping you would glance into my office. I got anxious when I heard your footsteps and forced a sneeze so I wouldn’t go unnoticed. You pop your head in to say bless you, but freeze min sentence. Your eyes lock onto my bright yellow heels propped up on my desk. I watched as your gaze moved down my smooth calves, past my knee, and up my thighs. My skimpy sun dress hiked up few inches, due to my position, to give you a peek at my silky legs. I say hello and breaking your trance before you hurry off to your desk avoiding eye contact.
You blushed in embarrassment as I got moist and excited. I kept to myself for the rest of the morning. I offer to buy lunch and place an order with the corner deli. The delivery man arrives. I meet him at the front door, carry the brown bags back to my office, and call for you. I hop up and sit on my desk, hand you a sandwich and suggest we each lunch in my office. You take a seat on the couch, while I sit on my desk dangling my legs over the side. It takes a good 2 or 3 minutes before you notice, but it is obvious when you do. You eat your sandwich slowly as your eyes make their way up my legs and in between my things. I lift my left leg up and place it on the desk to reach an itch on my knee. My legs was spread opening my crotch for full view. I scratched my knee appearing oblivious to your actions. I saw your dick grow in your pants as you licked your lips. I brought my legs back together still acting natural as I got wetter by the moment. I eyed the bulge in your pants while you finished eating.

Like every other day you headed to the gym for a short run after lunch. I sat in my office chair legs spread with one foot on my desk. I rubbed my pussy picturing how big that dick got from just watching. A second finger slid deep into my pussy making me moan out loud. A trembles shoot through my body as I brought my self to the edge of another orgasm before pulling my hand away. I needed to be filled properly this time.

I collect my self and head to the gym looking for you. I stick my head in and find an empty room. I walk through the gym, hear a shower running and head towards the locker room. With one quick motion I grabbed the bottom of my sun dress and pulled it over my head leaving me bare. I fingers find their way back into my pussy as I tiptoe quietly through the locker room and into the shower. You are leaning forward against the wall letting the water from the showerhead run over your back. I gasp trying to keep quiet. As I watch the water glisten and splash across your strong shoulders and muscular round ass. I sneak up behind you and whisper into your ear, “I need your body” before reaching my arm around you to grab your dick. You moan as my touch sends chills through your body. Your cock grows longer and thicker filling my hand. I grip your shaft tighter and stroke it up and down. A second chill runs through your body before you pull my hand from your dick and turn to face me. You pause briefly to watch the water run across my perky tits and down the rest of my body before kissing me deeply.

Our lips lock your tongue gently caresses mine, swapping back and forth. I bite your bottom lip softly before you pull away. Your arms wrap around me and grip my soft ass with both hands pulling my body against yours. I feel your dick press against my stomach radiating with heat. Push back against you rubbing into your dick. I turn around and walk towards the corner of the shower room guiding you with a hand around your dick. You look down to see I’m wearing my bright yellow heels. I pull you close behind me and push my ass back girding against your dick. I spread my legs, lean forward into the corner, putting a hand on each wall for support. I bend my knees and drop my hips down to the floor and slowly stand backup wiggling my hips back and forth putting on a show. I bend sharply at the waist sticking my ass up into the air and look back at your over my shoulder.

You step closer grabbing me by the hips and rub your hard dick against my slippery ass. I take a deep breath and moan as I feel the head of your rod slide between my legs and push deep into my pussy. You begin pumping your dick slowly and deeply into my tight pussy. I can feel every inch of your dick stretching me open as your push deeper into my pussy. I grab my tit with my left hand, pinching and rolling my nipple between my fingers. You start fucking me faster as I begin to moan and fondle my nipple. Fill every inch of my hole with that dick. I moan as you fuck me harder. I feel your hand grab my shoulder and slide down my back sending chills through my body. You dick thrust deeper into my pussy as you smack my ass and squeeze it hard. Fuck me harder I scream biting my lip as you spank me again. I moan louder and louder with every stroke getting faster and harder. The walls of my pussy tense up squeezing his dick inside my hole. I feel every his dick swelling and pushing tighter against my insides. You thrust your dick into me hard and deep while smacking my ass and running your hand down my thighs. A wave of heat courses through my body turning me beat red. I can feel your dick throbbing against my pussy walls setting off rush of pleasure. Fuck me I scream as my cum, my pussy contracting tighter around your shaft. Wave after wave of intense pleasure course through my body as I moan and shake. You grab me by the hips and violently ram your dick deeper and deeper into my pussy. With one last thrust you burry your throbbing dick all the way inside me. My pussy contracts and squeezes tightly around your shaft. Your body jerks forward, engorged dick throbs and pulses shooting your hot thick cum deep inside me. I push back grinding into your as my pussy contracts again milking ever drop of cum from your shaft.